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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Balance Around the Holidays!

Keeping it healthy around the holidays can be difficult, especially with all the cookies and candies and baked treats! 

Balance is the most important, so we don't feel deprived or like we're sacrificing, but here are few ways to help maintain that balance! 

Before going to a holiday party, make sure the whole family eats a decent meal with plenty of protein to prevent cookies from becoming dinner! 

Serve salad and veggies first at dinnertime, so everyone gets some extra immune-boosting vitamins in while they're appetites are peaked.

Limit treats to 1 per day and after dinner so there's no mindless grazing.

Get outside! And take the kids! There is a Norwegian saying that there such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Set a good example and go for a hike, or play catch in the park, or chase them around a local track or ice rink. They'll burn off the sweets and you'll have some screen-free family time! 

Let us know - how do you keep the balance around the holidays? 

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