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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All about your greens!

Here at Peas of Mind, we love our dark leafy greens, especially in the winter time. With so many different greens available at the grocery store, though, we want to know what the benefits are of each type!

Kale: This trendy green is everywhere lately, and for good reason! It tops the charts on vitamins, with over 100% RDA on Vitamin C, Vitamin A, a stunning 900% of your daily Vitamin K! It has a tougher texture, however, so make sure to massage it with olive oil when eating it raw to help tenderize it, or cook it well to keep it palatable to the littlest eaters.

Collards: Collard greens take the longest to cook, but when raw make great wraps - the healthiest alternative to a tortilla. They're also one of the best sources of Calcium in greens, so they're great for kids who are not into milk.

Spinach: Spinach has the most Iron and Magnesium (good for strong bones), as well as topping the charts on fiber, potassium, and is lowest in calories. It's all the easiest to find in any region, and any grocery store, and one of the most tender and versatile greens, since it lack kale and collard's signature "bite."

Swiss Chard: Chard is the ideal compromise green. Rich in antioxidants and calcium, it has nearly the same nutrition as spinach, but with a texture that doesn't get slimy but remains far more tender than kale. This green is the most versatile in terms of cooking options, plus the stems come in kid-friendly rainbow colors!

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