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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stay Healthy This Cold Season!

Orange juice has long been the go-to when we feel a cold coming on, but here a few other options for staying healthy this season.

Stir-fries! Why it works: Red bell peppers and broccoli both have far more Vitamin C than an orange, so tossing these colorful veggies into your dinner will keep you up and running all season, not to mention all their other beneficial nutrients!

Trail mix! Why it works: Zinc and Magnesium are essential for keeping a healthy immune system, and dried fruits are a great source of minerals. Pumpkin seeds and cashews are also one of foods highest in Zinc, so be sure those are in your homemade mix!

Chilli! Why it works: Baked beans, adzukis, chickpeas, and kidney beans are all great sources of Zinc, as are mushrooms and, surprisingly, cocoa powder, so sprinkle a little cocoa into your next batch of chilli for depth of flavor and an immune-boosting kick! Tomatoes will take care of the Vitamin C.

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