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Monday, February 1, 2016

Boost Your Breakfast with Veggies!

Cooking with veggies is our specialty. Not only do we create new products based around servings of veggies, but we also cook this way at home. We challenged ourselves for an entire week to boost everything we made/prepared with veggies! While lunch and dinner are easy meals to get in those veggies, we thought we would share a few unexpected breakfast ideas you can easily make at home.

Take our 1 week veggie boost challenge! Here are some breakfast ideas:

-pumpkin pancakes, freeze and eat on school days
-yogurt parfait with pureed carrots, we especially liked this with vanilla yogurt
-oatmeal with beet puree mixed in at the end
-toast with cinnamon-sugar and pureed yam spread
-breakfast burrito with a broccoli-egg and cheese scramble
-homefries with herbs and riced cauliflower (sauté potatoes until almost cooked and throw riced   cauliflower in the pan for the last 5 minutes)
-if you can get your hands on dehydrated carrots or sweet potatoes try steeping it with your tea!

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