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Monday, July 17, 2017

Experiment with us using your grill!

We'll be hosting a summer party this weekend for the Peas family and friends and have decided to grill up Peas products! That's right, grilled Peas pizzas, grilled veggie fries, and grilled veggie tots!

Have you grilled pizzas before? Frozen ones? French fries? Tater tots?
We found a couple online resources, as this will be our first time:
  • Grilling frozen pizza
    • instructions
    • use a low setting on a gas grill or coals that are on their way out.
    • cook with the BBQ lid ON.
    • use a higher rack, or loft a second rack to encourage even cooking.
  • Grilling frozen french fries and frozen tots
    • instructions
    • we plan to omit their flavorings and use our recipea instead.
    • puncture the foil pouch so steam can escape and fries/tots will get crispy!

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