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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School Lunch Inspiration

Part 1: PROTEIN!

Lunchbox inspiration is always a tough one, especially when you’re just trying to get back into the routine! Fruit is the easy part, but a good protein can often be a struggle, so this week we’ve rounded up the best Peas Perspective ReciPEAs to help you beat the back-to-school burnout!

Keep checking back as we’ll be posting Lunchbox Inspiration posts all season to answer all your questions, like hot v. cold, what to pack when they’re wearing white ;), and alternatives to fruit and dairy burnout!

1.     Healthy Hotcakes
These heart-healthy hotcakes are great for lunches, and folding in some leftover cooked quinoa give them a heartier texture AND ups the protein content! They’re even great smeared with a little nut butter for an added boost of protein!

By making them at home, you can control the sugar content and eliminate additives to make these tasty bars totally customizable for lunchboxes. Nuts like almonds, pistachios, and sunflowers have the highest protein to lowest saturated fat ratios, so they’re perfect to add in to these healthy bars.

3.     Kamut Krispies
We all know sometimes our littlest eaters skip the good-for-you parts of their lovingly packed lunch and dive straight into the sweets. Nothing feels worse than seeing their sandwich sitting untouched in their lunchbox when they get home. A batch of these Kamut Krispies will ensure that even if they only eat dessert, they are still getting some iron and protein!

This blog post has some of our favorite ideas for getting extra protein into little lunches. The Curried Tuna Salad uses yogurt instead of mayo for a double dose of protein, and the Waldorf Chicken Salad is perfect for kids with a sweet tooth by adding in diced apple!

Using quinoa instead of rice for this recipe means an easy family dinner can instantly double as lunch tomorrow!

Chickpeas replace tuna for a perfect Meatless Monday lunch hack! Plus, the lettuce keeps everything from getting soggy in a lunchbox and the “sushi” pieces make toddler mealtime a breeze.

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